About Us

Offering a helping hand for 0 years now

Established in 2017, the Siyasizana Foundation’s structure of projects are focused on health, personal care, hygiene, education and fun. The Foundation believes in balance and assigning equal importance to various aspects in life in order to achieve a well-rounded and healthy life.

Despite being non-discriminatory in the nature of projects and to those assisted, the Foundation prioritises children as we believe primary-level help can pave the way to a better and brighter future. Furthermore, children are often the most vulnerable and susceptible to the negative effects of being underprivileged therefore we see it fit to focus on their development, personal well-being and need for resources.

The Siyasizana Foundation prides itself in being providing non-biased assistance and running impactful and sustainable projects that are for the greater good of society


Donations of basic needs items for various causes.


Offering a helping hand whenever we can.


Sourcing and donation of books and study materials for public libraries and schools.

Mission: To provide long-term assistance that allows for independent sustainability from those impacted with the projects conducted.

To create a culture of giving back where there is none and contribute to the development of this culture where it already exist.

Vision: To empower and assist the underprivileged and vulnerable through projects that will provide necessities such as school stationery, sanitary products, food, clothing and books


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